Tomorrow’s election

So it’s election time again here in the UK.  Although the polling suggests the gap has narrowed I’m still fairly pessimistic. We seem to be living in the worst timeline so I’m expecting the Tories to win, Brexit to happen and public services to continue to slowly wither.  Hopefully tomorrow proves me wrong.

Part one of the Tories’ exciting plans to attack workers

So one of the first bills the Tories want to introduce will make it harder to strike.

The principle that elections and votes are somehow invalid if turnout drops below 50% only seems to apply in this case though.  There don’t seem to be any plans to increase the number of MPs that need to participate in a House of Commons vote (minimum number 40 out 650 mps).   It therefore seems like just another piece of Tory policy designed to benefit big business and the wealthy at the expense of the rest.

First post!

More than a decade after the blogging bandwagon rolled into the distance I’m finally trying to hop on.  Mostly It’ll be my incoherent thoughts on UK and world politics.  As a lefty I can’t say I’m expecting the next five years under the Tories to be a bundle of fun.